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Kobo Staff Picks

More audiobooks that are better than reading

For readers who want to spend their precious listening time with the best audiobooks, we've gathered some of the best ears-only reading experiences.

Author Interviews

Katherine Ashenburg's comic turn

Katherine Ashenburg spoke with us about Her Turn, a novel set against the 2015 presidential primary, and why her books are so different from one another.

Big Ideas

Spencer West wants to do all he can

We spoke with disability activist and social media star Spencer West about representing disabled queerness and the books he looks to for inspiration.

New & Hot Reads

75 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out July 27 - August 9

A double-stuffed summer round-up of the best new eBooks and audiobooks out the weeks of July 27 and August 3, including Stephen King and J. R. Ward.

Kobo Products and Features

New features and fixes in Kobo apps and eReaders

For summer 2021 we made it easier to search for books and to track your savings as you shop -- and more. Plus, see what our Product Team has been reading.

Recommended Reading

Five of Lauren Layne's favourite romantic comedies

Romance novelist Lauren Layne shared 5 of the best rom-com novels ever -- including some throwback hidden gems.

How an avid reader discovered distraction-free digital reading

Social media strategist Fatma Othman wanted to be able to read more under lockdown, but she wasn't looking for more screentime: so she got a Kobo eReader.

New & Hot Reads

42 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out July 20 - 26

New eBooks and audiobooks out July 20 including a novel from the author of American War, a Brad Thor thriller, and the return of the Bromance Book Club.

Kobo Staff Picks

What’s Tiana reading?

This month Tiana, a coordinator on Kobo's bookselling team, shares her pick and tells us how she keeps track the hundreds of books she plans to read.

Recommended Reading

Nana Malone's favourite diverse romance books

Nana Malone, the bestselling author behind the #BrownNippleChallenge book club, shares some of her favourite romance eBooks featuring heroines of colour.

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