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Author Interviews

Molecular biologist Dr Christian Smith on the books that are elemental to him

The author of The Scientist and the Psychic told us about the books that he grew up on, and his hope for the future of science communication.

Big Ideas

A #StopAsianHate Reading List

From heartfelt stories of immigration to hard looks at race, this list of audiobooks and eBooks will take readers beyond stereotypes to real understanding.

New & Hot Reads

30 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out March 2 - 8

New eBooks and audiobooks for the week of March 2, including the conclusion to the Trickster trilogy, and a new batch of life advice from Jordan Peterson.

Big Ideas

Coaching Black students across the finish line

In March 2020, Keisha Evans became one of Toronto’s first graduation coaches, working to mentor advocate for and Black students in grades 9 - 12.

Author Interviews

What Samra Habib has been reading

Photographer and memoirist Samra Habib told us what she's been reading during lockdown (it's a lot!), and she recommends a book that will change your life.

New & Hot Reads

31 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out February 23 - March 1

New eBooks and audiobooks out the week of Feb 23, 2021, including a new Steve Berry thriller, and help with asking questions for better conversations.

Author Interviews

What Bryan Washington is reading

We asked novelist Bryan Washington, author of Memorial, about the books that inspire him, and what he's been reading during the pandemic.

New & Hot Reads

30 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out February 16 - 22

New eBooks and audiobooks out the week of February 16, including Bill Gates' outlook on climate change, and endings to two beloved series.

Products and Features

New features and fixes in Kobo apps and eReaders

Check out our first set of updates and bug fixes for 2021 -- and find out what the Kobo Product team has been reading.

Recommended Reading

Regency romance series to fall in love with after Bridgerton

For anyone who couldn't get enough of Simon and Daphne in Netflix' Bridgerton, here are more Regency romance series you can start reading now.

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