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Author Interviews

Lia Louis on escapism and coincidence

We spoke with British novelist Lia Louis about escaping COVID lockdown through writing and why she loves plots that play with coincidence.

New & Hot Reads

77 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out October 5 - 18, 2021

New eBooks and audiobooks out the weeks of October 5 and 12 including the new thriller from Louise Penny & Hillary Clinton, plus life-giving dog care tips.

Big Ideas

Tour the spookiest haunted houses in fiction

Horror novelist Stephen Graham Jones takes readers on a tour of his favourite haunted houses in fiction, from 1959 all the way to 2021.

Recommended Reading

Books for fans of Netflix's Squid Game

For fans of Netflix's Squid Game, here's a list of eBooks and audiobooks featuring desperate contestants competing for the ultimate prize: survival.

New & Hot Reads

48 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out September 28 – October 4, 2021

New eBooks and audiobooks out the week of September 28: Nicholas Sparks' latest (and a Spark from Helen Hardt) plus Anthony Doerr's long-awaited new book.

Big Ideas

Roland Gulliver: Reimagining the Toronto International Festival of Authors

Follow The Reader is our series featuring unconventional leaders and trailblazers. In February 2020, Roland Gulliver, former associate director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival, was appointed director of the prestigious Toronto International Festival of Authors (TIFA). Honoured and excited, his aim was to expand, reboot and re-energize...

Author Interviews

In conversation with novelist Richard Powers

Novelist Richard Powers spoke with us about his new novel Bewilderment, and how he sees adults failing children through our neglect of the natural world.

New & Hot Reads

38 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out September 21 - 27, 2021

New eBooks and audiobooks out the week of September 21, including Woodward & Costa's trilogy-capping Trump book, plus Amanda Gorman's book for kids.

Big Ideas

Follow along: the best books about cults

Devotion. Wild abandon. Murder. Sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. Find all of these things and more in these books about cults from Jonestown to NXIVM.

Author Interviews

Rik Emmett’s humble reinvention

Canadian rock legend Rik Emmett's first book is a collection of poems called Reinvention. He told us how he wrote them, and what he's working on next.

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