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Author Interviews

Steve Brusatte helps us see past the teeth and claws of dinosaurs

Paleontologist Steve Brusatte joined us to talk about his new book, The Age of Dinosaurs where he helps young readers understand dinosaurs as real animals.

Author Interviews

Alex Gough on spinning stories in the spaces of history

We chatted with Alex Gough, author of historical fiction adventures, about creating stories in history's gaps, and the endurance of human nature.

Author Interviews

Nana Malone on solving problems and playing to her strengths

Kobo Original author Nana Malone spoke with us about filling gaps in the romance market, and the inspiration for her #brownnipplechallenge book club.


The best audiobooks by Ian McEwan

The best audiobooks by British novelist Ian McEwan, author of internationally bestselling novels including Atonement, On Chesil Beach, and Amsterdam.

Big Ideas

Madelyn Chung is ready to represent

For Asian Heritage Month, we chat with the RepresentASIAN Project founder about Asian representation, how she started, and what books she's loving now.

Author Interviews

Helen Oyeyemi on mischievous stories and writing reluctantly

Helen Oyeyemi, author of Gingerbread and the playful new novel Peaces, spoke with us about how her unusual writing process has developed over her career.

Author Interviews

Reading recommendations from Victoria Aveyard

Victoria Aveyard is the author of the bestselling Red Queen series. She told us what she's reading, and what books she loves to read but could never write.

New & Hot Reads

66 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out May 18 - 31

New eBooks and audiobooks out May 18 and May 25, including John Green's Anthropocene Reviewed, new Nora Roberts, and encouragement from Daniel Howell.

Big Ideas

Changing Indigenous narratives one photo at a time

Nadya Kwandibens is a photographer changing how the world views Indigenous peoples. We learned about the books and storytellers that inspire her.

Author Interviews

Suzanne Simard on the language of trees and telling her own story

Dr. Suzanne Simard, author of Finding the Mother Tree, spoke with us about the astonishing science of how trees communicate with one another.

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