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The best holiday romance audiobooks

By Jessica Pryde • December 05, 2021Audiobooks

Do you hear what we hear?

It’s that time of year! A time to hunker down, enjoy the warmth of a nice blanket or fireplace, and enjoy some holiday-themed love stories. Stories about coming home or finding a new one, giving and receiving thoughtful gifts, and sharing traditions while discovering new ones. Here are some audiobooks you can sit and listen to while you prepare holiday meals, create lovely things, or just stare into a crackling fire (real or on your television).

And if you prefer the "silent night" approach to holiday romance, click through to find eBook editions of each of our picks.

The Mistletoe Motive by Chloe Liese

Working together at the city's most beloved bookstore, Jonathan and Gabriella only seem to have one thing in common: a shared dislike. So when the store's owners hint that they might not be able to afford paying both employees through the holidays, the two strike a deal: whoever gets the highest sales by New Year's gets to stay and the other resigns. But the two see different sides of each other as the pressure increases, and their relationship might never be the same.

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Wrapped Up In You  by Talia Hibbert

After twenty years of friendship, actor Will Reid is ready to go for it. He’s going to actively pursue the woman he’s loved for years and get her to date him. A family visit seems like the perfect opportunity, and an unexpected snowstorm leads to plenty of time alone. Will Abbie finally see what’s right in front of her?

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Written in the Stars  by Alexandria Bellefleur

Elle is a firm believer in astrology. Firm. So much so that she has made (sort of) a profession out of interesting astrology advice and information. When her new business partner sets her up with his actuary sister, the pair clash immediately. But circumstances lead to their deciding to fake a relationship for the holidays, thanks to misguided enthusiasm from Darcy’s brother. Will they make it to New Years without falling in love?

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In a Holidaze  by Christina Lauren

Mae is sad this holiday season. It’s the last one she and her family will spend at the lovely Utah cabin where they’ve been going for Christmas all her life. When she throws a wish out to the universe as she’s driving away from it forever, she gets into a car accident, only to wake up on her way to Utah several days before. The start of a Groundhog Day-esque time loop, the phenomenon allows Mae to use the time she has to figure out how to be happy—and finally act on a crush she’s been nursing for years.

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A Steele For Christmas  by Brenda Jackson

Reforming playboy Eli Steele needs to clean up his image. Stacy Carlson doesn’t care about love. So they’re the perfect combination when Eli proposes a strictly business arrangement that will help him move up in the business world. Stacy has no problem being a fake wife...but what happens when those lines blur?

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A Princess For Christmas  by Jenny Holiday

Princess Marie of Eldovia is in New York to speak to the UN and otherwise network on behalf of her small European nation. When a minor emergency leads her into the back of Leo Ricci’s cab, the local and his younger sister make surprisingly easy strides into her heart. She asks him to be her driver for the duration of her trip, and the two can’t help the chemistry between them. But what will they do when she has to go back and run her kingdom?

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Christmas in Rose Bend  by Naima Simone

Nessa arrives in Rose Bend seeking answers about her birth father, who she discovered on her mother’s death bed is someone other than who she thought he was. Alongside a sullen teenaged sister, she is overwhelmed by the Christmas cheer that exudes from the town. But Wolf and his large, boisterous family bring life back to the two sisters, and he and Nessa definitely have an undeniable chemistry. But the secrets of the past mean Nessa isn’t sure about her future.

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The Matzah Ball  by Jean Meltzer

Rachel is Jewish, but she loves Christmas. She even writes Christmas romance novels. When her publisher asks her to write a Hanukkah romance, she hopes to find some inspiration at the Matzah Ball, a music celebration held on the last day of Hanukkah. But the party’s coordinator, Jacob, is her childhood nemesis, and the pair clash upon meeting once again. But as the two spend more time together, Rachel rediscovers the joys of Hanukkah, and might get to her happily ever after after all—both on the page, and in real life.

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Keep Me Warm At Christmas  by Brenda Novak

After a near fatal accident leaves her with facial scars, actress Tia Beckett seeks shelter from the world in a friend’s guest house. What she doesn’t know is that the same friend has offered the main house to a different friend—an artist visiting LA for a few months to teach and finish some work. The two initially work their best to stay out of each other’s way as they grieve for their own individual losses, but can’t help but be drawn to each other. And Christmas is the perfect time to open up to another lonely soul.

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A Holly Jolly Diwali  by Sonya Lalli

Niki has always lived her life on the expected path, working as an analyst and never doing much out of the ordinary. But when she is suddenly laid off, she decides to live life as she wants for a change and books a trip to India for a friend’s wedding. Arriving just in time for Diwali, she begins to explore her Indian roots, all with the help of musician Sam, with whom she shares an instant connection. As Niki and her friends, new and old, venture on a group honeymoon, she has to decide what parts of her life are worth giving up, and what is worth living for.

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Mistletoe, Baby  by Donna Hill

There’s no one who could ever convince Alexis that the single life isn’t perfect. She’s living her life, doing great things, and happily single. But after one arduous night with Graham, she might reconsider that. If only the person she would want to spend forever with weren’t her boss. And with the holidays coming around, there are new circumstances that might bring them together forever.

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A Timeless Christmas  by Alexis Stanton

Tour guide Meghan is obsessed with the mansion where she gives historic tours and its former owner, Charles Whitley, who disappeared without a trace in the early twentieth century. So imagine her shock when said owner arrives in the twenty-first, having been somehow transported by a mysterious clock. As the inventor works to find his way back to his own time, his new companion introduces him to all the splendors of the modern era. But how can the connection they build work when they belong in completely different times?

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A Wedding One Christmas  by Therese Beharrie

Over the course of 24 hours, Angie and Ezra go from strangers to something totally different. When Angie is mistaken for a bridesmaid at a wedding she’s not attending and is only passing through on the way to her homecoming in Cape Town, she asks Ezra to pretend to be her boyfriend. Each has their own personal issues they’re dealing with this holiday season, including grief and family trauma, but their time together allows them to think of something different, even among the comedy of errors that has brought them together.

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Royal Holiday  by Jasmine Guillory

When her daughter invites her on a trip to England over the holidays, Vivian is hesitant to agree. It’s true she hasn’t been able to spend much time with her daughter, but she doesn’t want to leave work or inconvenience Maddie. After finally relenting, Vivian finds herself alone on a huge estate while her daughter works. After coming upon Malcolm, the queen’s private secretary, on a search for coffee, she finds herself spending more time in his company. But what might come of their fling when it’s time to return to the States?

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