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Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

The best non-fiction books of 2021

The best non-fiction of 2021 featuring eBooks and audiobooks by Malcolm Gladwell, Cicely Tyson, Seth Rogen, Brené Brown, Will Smith, and many more.

Big Ideas

Banned books worth reading

These books are well-known and beloved by readers--and are often challenged and even banned. But they have a lot to teach readers of every age.

Recommended Reading

More of the hottest western romance books

Big skies and big love abound in these western romances featuring every kind of character and story type, and a ride into the happily-ever-after sunset.

Recommended Reading

15 romance books for teens

Here are some highlights of great teen romance ebooks to try, enjoy, and fall in love with.

Big Ideas

The best books on the Trump presidency

We've combed through dozens of books to come up with the essential reads for understanding the administration of the 45th president of the United States.

Big Ideas

The unseen side of showbiz

Get a backstage look at The Sopranos, I Love Lucy, Saturday Night Live, The Wizard of Oz and more with these eBooks.

Kobo Staff Picks

The best books we read in 2021

Hear all about the best eBooks and audiobooks that we, the staff of Kobo, read in 2021.

Recommended Reading

The best celebrity memoirs of 2021

Whether you're a fan or just curious about these celebrities, here are the eBooks and audiobooks that were the best celebrity memoirs of 2021.

Recommended Reading

Some of the best books for teens

Here you'll find YA books in many genres, from heartwarming rom-coms and thoughtful contemporaries to twisty mysteries and creative sci-fi adventures.

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