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Science writer Ziya Tong on the reality bubbles we live in

By Kobo • February 07, 2020Kobo in Conversation Podcast

"In the twenty-first century there are cameras everywhere, except where our food comes from, where our energy comes from, and where our waste goes."

We spoke with science journalist Ziya Tong, author of The Reality Bubble: Blind Spots, Hidden Truths, and the Dangerous Illusions that Shape Our World, about how the most pressing problems challenging the survival of our species often exceed comprehending by the human mind for a variety of evolutionary and cultural reasons. In a wide-ranging conversation she touches on flea circuses, how many football fields we can actually imagine, and how she sees her role as a journalist in explaining and fostering understanding of science in a mass audience.

While she always aims to be understood, at the same time she's unafraid to challenge deep-seated ideas that she believes obstruct our ability to see things as they are. The idea of 'the environment' as a distinct entity, for example: "a bull***t notion," says Tong, adding a moment later, "there is no outside; everything that's outside finds its way in." With her fearless intellect and relentless curiosity, it comes as no surprise that she wants her book to nurture "the rebel inside of every one of us."

The Reality Bubble: Blind Spots, Hidden Truths, and the Dangerous Illusions that Shape Our World by Ziya Tong

Ziya Tong shows how science, and the curiosity that drives it, can help civilization flourish by opening our eyes to the landscape laid out before us. Fast-paced, utterly fascinating, and deeply humane, The Reality Bubble gives voice to the sense we've all had -- that there is more to the world than meets the eye.

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