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67 audiobooks that are better than the eBook (or paperback) versions

By Nathan Maharaj • February 23, 2020Audiobooks

Audiobooks can take us to places that words on a page or screen never will. Whether it’s the intimacy of a familiar voice or the emotional charge of a musical interlude, audiobooks are often the best way to read. Don’t believe us? Here are 67 audiobooks that elevate (and we humbly believe are better than) the print or eBook versions.

Big personalities…

Reading is an actively imaginative activity where every reader creates voices and characters in their own mind. But when it’s a non-fiction book by an author whose voice we trust to entertain, provoke or inspire us, doesn’t it make more sense to have them read their book to you?

... and big laughs

What comes to mind when you think of your favourite comedian? You’re probably imagining them landing a joke that still gets you every time you hear it, rather than visualizing their words written on a page. Go for the laughs -- grab the audiobook.

The author’s voice

As we’ve shown with public figures and comedians, the ability to deliver a great performance is something entirely different from crafting beautiful sentences. That’s what makes it so special when an author is also a masterful reader of their own work. Their voice lifts the words right off the page.

Perfect matches

When an exceptionally talented narrator adds their performance to an already great book, the audiobook they create stands up next to, and often towers over, the original written work.

Lift every voice

A long, long time ago people would gather around the radio and listen to radio dramas -- performances featuring multiple actors, music, and sound effects. That all ended when TV came along and made watching the new mode of entertainment. But audiobooks provide a new means of delivering rich, ensemble performances that bring books to life in a way that’s unlike any other form of media.

Music to our ears

Audiobooks by musicians offer something that can never be found on a page, whether they include whole songs, musical interludes, or a voice you’ve already spent years listening to. Audiobooks keep us closer to the sounds that compelled us to read these books in the first place.

For the whole family

Reading aloud to kids is fun, but it’s also tiring. These audiobooks let grownups enjoy the pleasures of being read to while leaving the performance to the pros.

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