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31 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out April 13 - 19

By Kobo • April 13, 2021New & Hot Reads

Welcome back to New & Hot Reads, where we gather up some of the most anticipated eBooks and audiobooks coming out now

If you’ve never heard of Joseph Campbell’s theory of “the hero’s journey,” you’re surely familiar with the kinds of stories it describes: an ordinary person is called upon to set out on an adventure to achieve a supernatural aim, in the end discovering that they have strength they didn’t know they possessed. Star Wars, The Hobbit, The Hunger Games: the pattern is well-worn and much-beloved. In Charlie Jane Anders’ new book Victories Greater Than Death, the hero is Tina, a happy teenager who already knows she’s special and will eventually find herself the focus of interplanetary attention as she’s called upon to save not just the world, but all the worlds. She possesses a rescue beacon that she knows will one day activate and allow her to set out for adventure in ways she’d always dreamed of; she has no need for an Obi Wan or Gandalf to drag her out to meet her destiny. Anders, author of the 2016 sci fi breakout hit All the Birds in the Sky, offers a YA-flavoured twist on the familiar journey: the adventure set before Tina turns out to be very different from what she expected, and she isn’t the saviour anybody was counting on, but if she listens to the right voice inside her and keeps the right friends by her side she just might be able to rise to the occasion.

In Love in Color, British author Bolu Babalola writes many new kinds of love stories. Each story in the collection is based on a myth borrowed from ancient Greece, the legends of the Middle East, and folktales of West Africa. Focusing on the desires of a variety of contemporary women, the stories, like the myths they’re based on, explore themes of heroism and sacrifice. But Babalola has carefully removed themes of patriarchy, turning damsels in distress into women with problems to solve -- and the means to do it. Calling this a collection of romance short stories could be seen as reductive, or we can take this collection from a debut author as a sign of how expansive romance as a literary genre can be.

If the daily drumbeat of news feels impossible to keep up with, On This Day in History Sh!t Went Down might provide some helpful perspective. James Fell, author of the self-help book The Holy Sh!t Moment: How Lasting Change Can Happen in an Instant collects an extensive list of… er… stuff that happened, ranging from battles that altered power structures for centuries to scientific breakthroughs that became cornerstones of advancement. Throughout, we’re reminded that the world has never been a dull place.

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